Hiking Tout Valle delle Ferriere Amalfi

Hiking Tour in Amalfi


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Visit the Natural Reserve of Valle delle Ferriere, in Amalfi, a surreal landscape, amongst woods, waterfalls and streams. The trail is 6 km long








Departure: 8:30 am/ 3:00 pm
Meeting point: Pogerola, Amalfi
Arrival point: Amalfi
Duration: about 4 hours
Difficulty: medium


  • Professional hiking guide
  • Friendly staff ready to answer your requests

Extra upon request:

  • Pick up/drop off from Sorrento upon request

Excursion Description

Valle delle Ferriere is a path that descends from the Lattari Mountains to Amalfi through forests of ferns, waterfalls and streams which make the environment very cool even in summer. The name derives from the presence of ironwork ruins of medieval origin.

The area is also known as Vallone dei Mulini due to the presence in the final part of the path of water-powered mills that were used for the production of the famous Amalfi paper.


The most interesting part of the valley is the Natural Reserve, to be found at its centre. Inside the Natural Reserve, around the waterfalls, the valley micro climate is favorable to sub-tropical vegetation. Here it grows the last specimens of the Woodwardia radicans, a fern dating back to the age of the glaciations, which here still survives thanks to this particular type of cool and humid environment. This entire ecosystem represents something of inestimable scientific and naturalistic value.


Leaving the valley in the direction of Amalfi, you will see various fascinating ruins of ancient factories (from medieval times to the nineteenth century) that drew their power from the water. These are paper mills, mills and foundries.


Please note that:

The excursion is not suitable for those suffering from heart problems or knees problems. We recommend to be prepared with sportswear and trekking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses and a bottle of water.

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